Fail Better, the first edition of IMPRINT Zine was launched on 7th February 2013 in The Market Studios. More info on  Facebook here.

The first edition of IMPRINT Zine, Fail Better, explores the theme of failure, a theme that has become a central subject for investigation in recent art due to global economic uncertainties. Fail Better presents representations of impossible artworks, contemplations of failures in the process of art making and responses to fractures in society. 

Fail Better is curated by Gráinne Tynan & Eimear Tynan. Featured artists include: Stephen Blayds, Sarah Bracken, David Dunne, Luke Fogarty, Debbie Guinnane, Helen Horgan, Keith Kavanagh, Deirdre Morrissey, Francis Quinn, Jim Ricks, Kitty Rodgers, Elif Saydam, Socio-Fi, Grainne Tynan, Eimear Tynan and Sarah Usher.

Fail Better is in the Indie Photobook Library and PhotoIreland Library.  

One Day in Dublin
One Day in Dublin was submitted to the KRF1 Artist Notebook Project, and is now in the permanent collection of Kildare Co Co. This notebook imagines a stroll through contemporary Dublin. Kind of like Ulysses, if Joyce had been reading the Metro Herald. This e-zine One Day in Dublin is a work of fiction.

To view One Day in Dublin click on the ezine below. You can also zoom in to read the text.